Ondangwa to service 833 plots through PPP


Helvy Shaanika

Ondangwa Town Council will soon service 833 plots to the tune of N$270 million through a public-private partnership (PPP) agreement it entered with two contractors on Saturday.

Two contractors, one Namibian and another from China, will service at least 773 residential plots mainly for lower and middle-income earners, as well as 52 business erven.

The Namibian company, Conselect Engineers, has committed to service Extensions 22 and 23 at a total cost of N$70 million. The two extensions consist of 304 residential plots and 36 business plots.

Sun Group International, from China, has entered into an agreement with the council to service Extensions 32 and 33 that are made up of 448 single residential evern, 21 general residential plots and 16 business erven.

The extensions further consists of other various zoning areas that will make up a total of 516 plots. Sun International will service these extensions at a total cost of about N$200 million.

According to the Ondangwa Town Council CEO Ismael Namgongo, the agreements signed are part of the council’s five-year strategic plan, in which PPP is being emphasised.

Namgongo said the housing needs for the community of Ondangwa have surpassed the capacity of the council to provide houses, hence the need to enter into the PPP agreement with the private sector.
“We have a housing backlog that we alone cannot solve,” said Namgongo.


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