N$600 000 available for Build Together houses at Kamanjab


Clemans Miyanicwe

Kamanjab Village Council chairperson Jan Niklaas Hendriks says that N$600 000 is available in the account of the Build Together programme and people who have land at the village may apply for assitance.

“With N$600 000 in the kitty, the council is planning to build 12 to 15 houses under this programme. Applicants must have land in order to qualify,” Hendricks told New Era last week.

He said the village council does not want to make the process complicated by allowing those who do not have erven to apply for the Build Together loan but the application process will be opened to everyone once more funds have been secured.

A committee will be set up and quotations will be worked out as well as local contractors sourced to build the houses. This, Hendriks said, would be done through a public tender process. Two-bedroom houses will be constructed under the programme.

On giving material for the successful applicants to build houses themselves Hendricks said: “When people are given materials or money then the houses might not be completed as some might misuse such resources for other purposes or get short-changed by contractors.”

When asked about the village’s financial status in general, Hendricks said the council was debt free and paid third parties on time and that they do not apply for loans as they are financially sound.

Among concerns, however, is that the village council struggles with absentee landlords, but Hendricks said they have auctioned off erven through Hengari Kavendji Incorporated law firm. Most of the erven were bought and only six erven remain to be sold in the village, he added.

In 2015, the village council sold about ten erven and last year four erven were auctioned off.

On erven being bought and not developed for years, Hendricks noted that the village council plans to pass a resolution on the time frame the erven must be developed. But he was concerned that some locals might not be in a position to develop the erven in a given time frame due to lack of finance, while businesses might be reluctant to develop erven they brought due to Kamanjab’s village status.


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