Minor kills two-year-old toddler


Selma Ikela

The police opened a murder case after a nine-year-old boy assaulted a two-year-old boy with a stick and thereafter put sand in his mouth, which caused him to suffocate.
Police spokesperson Kauna Shikwambi said the two children are from the same homestead at Oumbada village in Ohangwena Region. Shikwambi at the time could not ascertain the relation between the two children. The incident took place a week ago (last Tuesday) between 19:00 and 21:00.

Shikwambi explained that the nine-year-old boy would not be trialed because he is under age.

“They were just left in the care of their parents. The police opened a murder case because life was lost,” said Shiwkambi.

She added that the police would engage different stakeholders to determine what state of mind the boy is in and what caused him to act in such a manner. Shikwambi added the police in Ohangwena did not mention whether the boy is mentally challenged.

In similar incident, police in Oshikoto Region opened a murder case after a cattle herder, 21, who intervened to stop Kalelwa Nghipangelwa from chasing learners with an axe, ended up hitting him with a sharp stick on his chest.

Shikwambi narrated that Nghipangelwa, 42, was coming from the cuca shop when he started chasing learners with an axe. “A cattle herder who was in the vicinity intervened requesting Nghipangelwa to stop chasing the learners but he instead turned on the cattle herder wanting to hack him with the axe. In retaliation the suspect grabbed a stick with a sharp end and threw it at the deceased, who was struck on the left side of his chest,” stated Shikwambi.

Nghipangelwa succumbed to the injury and his next of kin were informed.
In unrelated incident, two women aged 32 and 38 were arrested after allegedly placing big rocks in the Oshakati main road near Danger Ashipala Training Centre – blocking the traffic. Shikwambi said a sedan Golf struck the rock causing a tyre burst as well as damage to the car’s engine. The damages were estimated at N$10 800.


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