Haufiku bemoans ill-treatment of patients


Staff Reporter

Minister of Health and Social Services Dr Bernard Haufiku says it is unfortunate that the public continues to witness negative attitudes displayed by health workers towards their patients.

“In addition to orientation and training of existing staff, the ministry will continue to engage the training institutions to put greater emphasis on professionalism, empathy and respect of human rights,” Haufiku said in parliament last week.

He added that cleanliness of state health facilities is a major bone of contention and can compromise the hygiene of health facilities.

“The ministry is spending much time and energy on rectifying the situation and encouraging the cleaning staff to perform their duties appropriately with due diligence,” Haufiku said.

Despite successes in the health ministry there are a number of challenges that hampered the levels of health service delivery in the last financial year.

There have also been a number of delays in practical completion of projects as a result of non-performance, Haufiku reported.

“For the projects which the ministry had gone out on tender, these tenders had to be put on hold for prioritisation due to the downward revision of expenditure as per mid-year budget review,” he noted.


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