Dismissed fishermen unhappy with judge


Maria Amakali

United Fishermen Union and Tsumeb Corporation Limited (TCL) workers are demanding the removal of High Court Judge Petrus Unegu for allegedly failing to be objective in their case that was heard in 2015.

The two groups have joined forces to have their cases reviewed by the same court they deemed to be ‘corrupt.’ They were up in arms in front of the Windhoek High Court yesterday to hand over their petition to the judge president, which High Court deputy chief registrar Steven Rau Rau received on his behalf.

“We demand that you warn your judges to stop their corruption and to remove judges such as Petrus Unegu,” they stated

The 800 seagoing personnel from 12 fishing companies went on strike for nine months in 2015 demanding better wages and good working conditions.

The respective companies then decided to sue their employees for abandoning their workplaces and the case was heard before Justice Unegu in the Labour Court. The court ruled in favour of the 12 companies, stating the fishermen’s strike was illegal.

Furthermore, the court ordered that employees should stay at least 100m away from the respective 12 fishing companies. The disgruntled former employees said Unegu abused the court of law and ruled in favour the fishing companies.

Back in 2009 the TCL workers were in court demanding N$470 million from the Registrar of Pension Funds, Alexander Forbes, and Momentum Life liquidator Bob Meiring. The workers had claimed that corrupt practices pertained to their pension fund when the mine went bankrupt and had to close its doors. The workers lost the case.

‘’We were made to stand like cattle at a drinking trough, while the judge laughed and made jokes with the TCL management lawyers,” noted Mathews Lungameni one of the former employees of TCL.

Workers said the events around their complaints showed the institutions of justice are corrupt, however they will return to court to redeem their rights.


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