Bank Windhoek introduces GoPay mobile payment solution


Staff Reporter

Bank Windhoek has introduced GoPay, which is the bank’s unique mobile payment solution for fuel.
“We have encapsulated innovation and customer-centricity in our strategy to ensure we remain relevant and support our next level of growth in this competitive market.
The GoPay product is an example of our passion and dedication to connect customers to a positive experience,” said Baronice Hans, Bank Windhoek’s managing director.
With over 80 fuel merchants signed up countrywide, GoPay will allow Bank Windhoek customers to pay for fuel by using their existing Full Service CellPhone Banking platform.
“GoPay offers our customers a variety of benefits, which include allowing you to make cashless and cardless payments to fill up your tank.
There’s also no need to withdraw cash from an ATM, hence no ATM fees. It is easy, quick and simple to use with any cellphone model and allows for remote payments to fuel merchants. This means that you can pay for someone else’s fuel from the comfort of your home. At Bank Windhoek we believe in providing our customers with innovative, accessible and affordable financial solutions and we are proud to introduce our latest offering, the GoPay fuel payment solution,” Hans said.
Currently fuel merchants either accept cash, credit or debit card transactions for fuel purchases, but with the Bank Windhoek GoPay service customers don’t need cash or cards.


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