EHN hands out first aid kits to road users


Staff reporter

In order to prevent people just standing around at road accidents and staring without offering any assistance to injured persons, Entrepreneur Home Namibia (EHN) has embarked on a first aid campaign in which they distribute first aid kits to road users.
EHN operation manager Ronny Nendongo said currently people just stand and stare at accident scenes without offering first aid assistance, while injured people bleed to death.
“If a first aid kit is available they (onlookers) can administer [some sort of first aid assistance],” said Nendongo.
“In case of an accident and the hospital is far and you know first aid – you can stabilize the injured person until help comes,” said EHN managing director Eino Nakanyala.
The kit comes with a pair of gloves, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) mouthpiece, alcohol swabs, bandage, small scissors, Elastoplast and gauze.
Nendongo said he and his colleagues have already distributed 429 first aid kits at Okahandja and Rehoboth roadblocks.
They are targeting 300 000 vehicles countrywide.
Nendongo said the awareness campaign will be happening every travel season and the initiative is looking forward to employ more people.
Nakanyala said EHN is a company where young entrepreneurs come together to discuss how to solve problems. They also offer first aid training


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