From security guard to kapana seller to muso


Clemans Miyanicwe

Khorixas-Twenty-two-old J-Tears, a rap-punch artist who discovered his love for music at the sleepy town of Fransfontien is a man who never lets an obstacle stand in his way.

J-Tears was born Clayton Jeff-Ta Gaweseb at the coastal town of Walvis Bay in 1994 and attended school at Frans Frederick Primary School in Kunene Region’s Fransfontien. “I discovered the love I have for music when I was attending school at Fransfontien and never looked back,” J-Tears told New Era with a smile.

“I was a security guard from 2011 to 2012 in Walvis Bay and also sold Kapana for a year at a taxi rank at the coastal town to save money to record songs,” he said. “In life even though it seems hard never let any situation you might be in stop you from achieving your dream. One must work hard and cross any obstacle.”

The artist, who in December released a seven-track promotional album entitles, /Uniga //Oas (Last Kiss), said he went through a lot in life and lives by the motto ‘Cry like a loser and smile like a winner’. Due to lack of money no CD launch took place, so the album is for promotional purposes only.

J-Tears who is part of a new breed of Rap and Damara Punch (Rap Punch) musicians, also does Hip-Hop and RNB, the influence of which can clearly be felt on some of the songs on the album.

The song For December is a song which is simply a party groovy song that gives the listener a vibe to relax after working throughout the year. Also on the album is a song titled ‘Radio Presenter’ with lyrics; “Baby gal you can deal 99 or you can come over so I can be fresh coz I got energy. Babe, I can hear you from the base”.

J-Tears say he wrote the song as he is a loyal radio listener and at times falls in love with the female presenters and DJs.

Also on the album is ‘Make my heart go’, a motivational song, and ‘I belong to you’, both R&B tracks that are mostly about love and relationships. Two of the tracks are pure instrumentals.

The album was mastered and mixed by Cardo SD, a good friend of J-Tears.
The Rap-punch artist wants to do collaborations on the 18 track album that will be released later this year with Jericho, Tswasi’s, Promise, Taylor J, Ghetto Ballerina, Suzy, Erna Chimu, Oteya, Karabo, Freeda, Weird Gang, Kwezi, Adora, Stanley, MC Ray and Queen of Ma/Gaisa Lettie.

“These artists from various genres are gifted and I will be blessed by working with them. Money might be an issue to collaborate with some of them, but nothing will stop me as I am a fighter,” J-Tears boast.

‘Uniga /Oas’ is a song about a girl a guy meets at the Walvis Bay taxi rank and the two start a relationship, but things goes wrong so the guy is begging his girlfriend to at least kiss him for the last time. “Kissing is a sign of love and maybe the last kiss might fix the relationship,” J-Tears adds. A video for ‘/Uniga /Goas’, which is receiving strong airplay on NBC Damara/Nama and KH-FM will be released in July, as well as a single that will pave the way for the 18-track album, which will have a mixture of Kwaito, Rap-Punch, R&B, Hip-Hop and Shambo songs.

J-Tears last week performed at the inaugural Miss KH-FM beauty pageant in Khorixas were he kept the crowd on its toes.

He proudly says he is supporter of the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HHP) and adds that he wants to bring change to the youth through music and HHP is great initiative that needs everyone’s support from different sectors.


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