Burglars target Indian diplomat’s residence


Staff Reporter


A gang of three burglars attacked a guard posted at a senior Indian diplomat’s resident in Ludwigdorf at around 23h00 on Saturday in an attempt to rob the residence, but the guard fought off the intruders who melted into the night before police arrived at the scene.

The incident was confirmed by the diplomat, who requested anonymity, but said the gang of armed intruders breached the fence at his residence and immediately descended on the security booth, where they attacked the security guard on duty, whom they also attempted to tie up.

The diplomat said the guard was assaulted and the intruders whose intention was to tie him up and break into the residence but their plans were foiled by the guard, who put up a spirited fight although the armed gang snatched his bag and disappeared through a path on the hill at the back of the residence of the diplomat’s house, by means of which they had accessed the residence.

Shortly after the attack the guard tried to look for a police guard who was supposed to be on duty outside the residence, but apparently there was no police guard to be found on duty. The police, however, rushed to the residence where they fired some shots but did not make any arrests.

New Era was informed that burglars have in previous attacks targeted residences of Indian High Commission diplomats and other staff in burglaries where laptops and furniture were stolen. The diplomat described the latest attack as “highly troubling,” and said it endangers the lives of his family and that it was through sheer luck that the guard fought off the three armed intruders.


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