Investors urged to maximise Otjinene Trade Fair and Expo


Staff Reporter

Windhoek -With Standard Bank’s backing as the main sponsor, the Otjinene Trade Fair and Expo is expected to draw a significant number of investors who will positively contribute to the development of the town.

These were the sentiments of the chairperson of the Otjinene Village Council, Landine Kauta, the mayor of Windhoek, Muesee Kazapua and the Otjinene Village Council CEO, Nathanael Karuaihe, during a gala dinner hosted on Saturday, April 1, to raise funds for the event.

A newly proclaimed village, Otjinene is situated in the Omaheke Region and is the district capital of Otjinene Constituency. The inaugural expo was held in 2016 and proved to be fruitful for the village, attracting 250 exhibitors and 50 000 visitors.

“As a bank we are committed to growing the vibrant business sector of this village and also the region of Omaheke in general. It is really commendable to note that the first edition of this expo attracted more than 250 exhibitors and 50 000 visitors. It is in this context that Standard Bank is really excited to be on board once again as a partner in growing the economy and business activities in the town of Otjinene,” Standard Bank’s Gobabis branch manager, Ngahupe Veii, said at the gala dinner.

Veii stressed that the bank wants to play an integral role in the village’s developmental journey by investing in the upcoming expo because it will ultimately give the village residents, as well as those from surrounding areas, unique untapped business opportunities and improved socio-economic livelihoods.

As the main sponsor, Standard Bank contributed N$50 000 towards the trade fair and expo. “It is good to know that the village council authorities are very keen to elevate Otjinene to greater heights with new developmental opportunities … As you may be aware the village of Otjinene is steadily welcoming investors for development and business. It currently has a service station, schools, several retail shops, a number of open markets and I’m also happy to say a Standard Bank branch as well,” Veii noted.
As the host town mayor, Muesee Kazapua commended the village council’s leadership for finding an innovative way of attracting investors to the village. “Otjinene has a lot of potential for development; as such we should use the trade fair as an opportunity to network and engage over the development of Otjinene. Surrounding towns and villages can also benefit from its development,” he encouraged.

However, Kazapua noted that the resources at the disposal of local government are not sufficient to sustain the multi-faceted issues that are faced on a daily basis, which is why he commended Standard Bank for its efforts in fighting poverty and its work towards the social upliftment of the people, alongside the village council.

The Otjinene Trade Fair and Expo will take place from April 25 to 30 at the village and everyone is encouraged to attend, be they vendors, prospective customers or revellers just there to enjoy the festivities.


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