Ousted SNAFU chairperson disputes election


Matheus Hamutenya


The outgoing chairperson of the Southern Namibia Farmers Union (SNAFU), Marcelinus Isaacks, wants the outcome of the SNAFU elective congress to be declared null and void.

This comes after he was replaced as chairperson during the recently held congress, while other important positions were also filled by new faces – but Isaacks says the congress and the election should be declared null and void as there was no quorum.

He further charged that most members who voted in the election were not paid up members, thus disqualifying them from voting, while other members were new members that were never seen before and should not have taken part in the election.

According to him about 12 paid-up affiliate members are needed to make a quorum, but this was not the case during the congress as only about five paid-up members were present, and thus the election was illegal and should immediately be nullified.

“When you are not paying your membership fee for three years consecutively, you are automatically deregistered, so they didn’t have a voting right at all,” he said, adding: “I have the records to prove this, I was chairperson for the last three years and according to our bank statements only about five members are paid up.”

Isaacks said he had communicated the alleged irregularities to the Namibia National Farmers Union (NNFU) president Tobias Emvula and he is awaiting a reply.

Contacted for comment Emvula confirmed having received a letter of complaint on the congress and that investigations will be carried out to determine the validity of the claims.

“Yes I received the letter and we are still investigating the case – unfortunately those responsible for investigations were not in office, but they are back now and we should be able to get a report towards the end of the week,” he said.

The SNAFU elective congress held at Keetmanshoop about a week ago saw Diana Mathys elected as the union’s chairperson, while Maria April and Patricia Gurubes were elected as regional chairpersons for the //Kharas and Hardap regions respectively.

Other members elected included Anna Maria Kahuva (secretary), Jacobus #Nu//Ganab (vice-secretary), Johannes Jansen (treasurer), Mose Gariseb (vice-treasurer), Oloff Munjanu (additional member) and Johanna //Gowases (additional member).


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