Ohangwena police detonate explosives

OTJIWARONGO, 18 October 2016 - Explosives, ammunition and other unlicensed materials of war surrendered by farmers in the Otjozondjupa Region to the Namibian Police Force since the amnesty period from 18 August to 18 November 2016. (Photo by: Mulisa Simiyasa) NAMPA

Loide Jason


Unexploded war materials found at Oushake village in Ohangwena Region were on Wednesday detonated by the police.

Ohangwena police spokesperson Sergeant Abner Itumba said the materials consisted of 2 890 live rounds of ammunition, motorshells, six RPG7 (V) rockets, and hand grenades that were found in different areas during the police ordnance clear-up operation that started early 2016.

Itumba said the police were assessing areas where roads will be constructed.
“From early last year up to today (Wednesday) our members found about 821 rounds of ammunition and some ordnance,” he said.

He emphasised that Ohangwena Region was a war zone where Swapo’s PLAN soldiers operated from during the country’s liberation war against apartheid forces.

He urged members of the public that may have information on some of the old mine fields to report them to the police so that they could send their explosives teams to de-mine those areas.

Colonial times are over and every Namibian is free to report any suspicious, dangerous weapon in their surroundings to keep Namibia a better and safer place to live in, he said.


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