Learners soon to be fined for jaywalking


Hilmah Hashange

Mariental-The Mariental police traffic department has issued a stern warning to learners who deliberately ignore traffic rules when crossing roads.

The learners were informed about the dangers of jaywalking on public roads and the consequences of disobeying traffic rules and regulations at an outreach initiative by Hardap Nampol and various stakeholders in the region. Speaking at the event for learners at a local school, Warrant Officer Krista Jacobs and Sergeant Leon Beukes of the Mariental traffic department reminded learners about the first basic rule of crossing the road.

“Before you decide to cross the road, always look left, then right, and left again before you continue to cross the road,” advised Jacobs.

Jacobs added that the police are concerned about the well-being of learners, and therefore deemed it important to inform them about the dangers of crossing public roads incorrectly such as jaywalking and walking slowly on the pedestrian crossing.
She also cautioned learners not to cross the road while listening to music through headsets.

“Pedestrian crossings are not for playing – be fast when crossing at the pedestrian crossing and don’t underestimate the speed of cars approaching the pedestrian crossing. You can never know what the driver is capable of, some might even be drunk and not stop in time. Also, avoid using headphones when on public roads, especially listening to music on high volume,” Jacobs advised learners.

Beukes, a well-known traffic officer feared by local drivers in Mariental for his no-nonsense approach on traffic rules, warned learners that he will not tolerate any misbehaviour on public roads. He says his office is very lenient with learners but will soon start issuing traffic fines to those not adhering to road rules.

“If a learner is found walking slowly on the road, we will issue a fine of N$ 200. Your parents will be required to pay this fine. We have noticed that many learners tend to play soccer on public roads and for that we will fine you N$150,” Beukes cautioned, adding that he will be on the lookout for all those not obeying the law.

Learners were also warned about the dangers of abusing drugs and alcohol, especially on school premises. The police educated the learners on the different kinds of illicit drugs and informed them that they will soon conduct searches at school hostels and those found in possession of drugs will be dealt with accordingly.


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