Woman’s body found near Trans-Caprivi Highway


John Muyamba

Rundu-The decomposed body of an unidentified woman, believed to be between 20 – 22, was discovered next to the Cuma gravel road, about 500 metres south of the Trans-Caprivi Highway.

An 11-year-old girl was collecting firewood at around 13h00 on Sunday when she happened upon the corpse.

This is the second body to be found in the area. Another body was found this month not more than two kilometres from the second. The first one was found at Ndama south of the Trans-Caprivi Highway on March 14, which sent shockwaves through the town of Rundu where residents suspect ritual killers are on the prowl.

Some sources who spoke to New Era suspect the women might have been killed for muti. They said some body parts were not intact and might have been removed by ritual killers, who normally use human body parts in black magic concoctions, but the police say the body parts that people say were missing were possibly scavenged by insects and other animals.

“Due to the condition of the body it is suspected she could have died about ten to fifteen days ago but nothing  suspicious could be detected or observed at the scene. A post-mortem will be conducted to determine the exact cause of death,” said Deputy Commissioner Willie Bampton

“A post-mortem was conducted on the previous body discovered. It was badly decomposed and worms had eaten some of the body organs like eyes and most soft tissue. With such decomposition it’s hard to determine the cause of death, it’s hard to say if the person was raped or assaulted before death or whatever,” the deputy police commissioner told New Era.

“Worms were everywhere; like the recent one the whole face had been eaten by worms, and it seems dogs had eaten the left ribs,” he added.

No person in the area has been reported as missing to the police, but the police are urging members of the public to come forward with information if any family member has disappeared, to help them with their investigations.

“They must come forward – the problem is some girls go out of the house and stay away for long. The family are used to them being out for days and they don’t care, but let us hope we have people who can identify them,” Bampton said.


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