VP denounces tribalism, xenophobia


Staff Reporter

Windhoek-Vice President Dr Nickey Iyambo has called on Namibians to do away with racism, tribalism, xenophobia and neo-colonialism, which have potential to jeopardise the country’s peace and stability.

“Let us approach our differences with maturity and cool heads to find collective solutions and not through conflict, insults, enmity and them-versus-us attitude,” remarked Iyambo at a recent pre-independence gala dinner.

Namibians should pursue peaceful co-existence, he added. “Our march is towards a ‘One Namibia One Nation’, developed by her people and where everyone lives in peace with him or herself and their neighbours inside and outside Namibia,” Iyambo said last week.

The gala dinner was organised by Namsov Fishing Enterprises. In 2014, Namsov Fishing Enterprises embarked on a development programme in partnership with Namibia’s 14 regional governors and created the Governors’ Regional Development Programme.
To date, Namsov Fishing has disbursed N$21 million towards the Governors’ Regional Development Programme. The funding support has been divided over a three-year period and spread equally across all 14 regions in Namibia.

“What we have seen Namsov doing should be commended and replicated across various business sectors in our country,” Iyambo added. He said investors should do away with “extreme forms of capitalism”, where only a few individuals empower themselves without ploughing back into poorer communities.

“This solo empowerment approach of profit at all costs only for me, my family and friends, should come to an end,” the vice president warned. “We should strive to bring all our communities into the mainstream of our economy as co-investors and co-owners,” he said.

Namsov Fishing Enterprises’ chief sustainability officer, Tuna Willem, said the company made a deliberate decision to allocate 10 percent of the organisation’s profits to communities in Namibia. “This thinking was and is based on the fact that we, as the private sector, need to not only consider our own sustainability but also that of Namibian communities,” Willem said.

The Governor of Oshana Region, Clemens Kaashupulwa, said the move by Namsov Fishing Enterprises to finance the Regional Governors’ Development Programme is highly commendable, saying: “Namsov has invested substantially in community development and their donation towards the Regional Governors’ Development Programme so far amounts to N$1 million per region,”

He said all regions have implemented their respective regional projects successfully and in line with the Namsov’s implementation guidelines.


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