On City Police’s unlawful shack demolitions


The National Unity Democratic Organisation(NUDO) takes strong exception to current events unfolding in the City of Windhoek, through actions of the City Police demolishing illegal structures.

Right from the onset I must make it very clear that as a party we support the rule of law and in no way are we proponents or supporters of illegal activities, However in this case we are deeply disturbed by the action of the City Police by not applying their minds and not being cautious enough to follow all legal provisions before evicting these people from their shacks in 7de Laan and elsewhere in the city.

Of late, the City Police – although being an organ of the City of Windhoek – has become a law unto itself, by engaging in actions that are at times questionable and not well thought throught of, yet in the final analysis when they are taken to court it is always the City of Windhoek that must pay hefty bills on behalf of the City Police.

This is so, despite that fact that many at times we, as councillors, are not well informed before such decisions are taken. We at times read it in newspapers, like anybody else, and I’m on record for having stated in the past that this practice is counter-productive and does not reflect good on us collectively when the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

We are the duly elected councilors and we are directly accountable to the public outside there, but many times the actions of the City Police are not communicated to us well in advance for us to apply our minds and to advise where possible. It is inhuman at this point in time, especially as it is almost winter time, to remove people – illegal as they are – from their houses, in an illegal manner.

Let me not be misquoted. As a councillor duly elected to uphold the rule of law, I will support any action taken by the City Police that is lawful and within the ambit of the law, however in this case the City Police seems not to have applied their minds properly with regard to the provision in our laws that set out the procedures to be followed before evicting someone from their shacks.

The current campaign to evict [the occupants of] illegal shacks should be done in an orderly manner that seeks and confines the City Police within the ambit of the law.

Joseph Kauandenge
Windhoek City Councillor


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