Standard Bank’s Mungunda leaves for Harvard


Staff Reporter

Windhoek-As of next week, Standard Bank chief executive Vetumbuavi Mungunda will be taking two months sabbatical leave during April and May 2017 to pursue leadership development studies as part of the prestigious Advanced Management Programme (AMP) at Harvard University in the United States.

He will be leaving on Friday, March 31 and will return to Standard Bank on the May 29.
Mungunda says he looks forward to the new learning programme and knowledge he will be exposed to at Harvard and cannot wait to deploy this knowledge to the benefit of Standard Bank and the country on his return.

“I will be away for the next two months. It’s an exciting opportunity to further my knowledge at Harvard. It’s not just about Harvard Business School. The AMP is a life-transforming experience for an executive. You just need to invest the time and energy to make the right choice for you,” Mungunda said.

During his time off, current head of corporate and investment banking Amit Mohan will be acting as chief executive and together with the entire executive management team and the board, will ensure the smooth continuation of the bank’s programmes and plans for the year.

The programme coincides with Mungunda’s third anniversary at the bank, following his appointment as chief executive on April 1, 2014.


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