Double murder accused complains about poor prison diet


Maria Amakali

Windhoek-Double murder convict and businessman Julius Dausab thought he could sway the court into handing him a lighter sentence by complaining about his health and the food served in prison.

Dausab was found guilty in the Windhoek High Court of intentionally gunning down and killing the mother of his two children Paulina Kenamuni, 28, and his mother-in-law, 44-year-old Elfrieda Kenamuni, with a . 308 hunting rifle in June 2009.

Dausab through his defence lawyer Bradley Basson on Monday claimed he had collapsed while in custody as a result of an unbalanced diet and the small portions of food served in prison. He said this consequently resulted in his blood pressure and sugar levels rising.

However, the correctional facility’s senior medical officer Dr Ivan Zimudzi dismissed his claims, saying every inmate has access to three nutritious meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“There is nothing wrong with the food, I have tasted it myself,” noted Zimudzi.
The doctor explained that Dausab’s condition was not a special one as currently more than 130 inmates are living with HIV/AIDS.

Further, he testified an additional 200 inmates are suffering from hypertension.
“We cannot change the diet because of one person only – there are people who are dealing with serious illnesses inside prison but they do not complain,” explained Zimudzi.

Dausab, who needs four injections of insulin a day, was arrested on his way from Ovitoto to Otjiwarongo after being found in possession of the .308 hunting rifle which was identified as the one used in the shooting from the cartridges found at the scene of the crime.

Bloodstains found on his trousers and on blankets found in his vehicle matched those of the deceased.

Even though convicted of the crimes Dausab still maintains his version that an unknown person arrived on the farm in a white car and shot the victims.

Dausab will be back in court today to hear his sentence.


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