Chinese charity avails N$400,000 to HIV/AIDS groups


Tuulikki Abraham

Lüderitz-The Namibia Network of AIDS Service Organisation (NANASO) received N$400,000 from the Namibia/Chinese Loving Heart Association last Thursday and has started to distribute food to the target group and to the centre of vulnerable children in Lüderitz.

Advocacy and fundraising manager fof NANASO Zack Makari delivered the donation to the !Nami#nus Constituency office and said NANASO was already busy distributing the food items countrywide to various support groups, as well as to vulnerable children.

Makari said NANASO got a donation of N$400,000 from the Namibia/Chinese Loving Hearts Association to buy food and to distribute it to the affected groups country wide to help support group members so they do not have to take their HIV medication on an empty stomach.

NANASO identified support groups in Hardap and //Karas Region and will continue to distribute food to the identified groups in all regions of the country, it is understood.

On behalf of the Empowerment Centre for Vulnerable Children (ECVC), Tony Mbundu extended his gratitude to NANASO for providing food assistance to ECVCs. He said the help came at the right time, as they recently found a 17-year-old girl, that cares for her young brother and sister, who were abandoned by their parents.

Mbubdu promised that those children will be part of the beneficiaries of the food received by their centre. The rest of the food, Mbundu explained, will be used to feed vulnerable children under the care of the ECVC.

!Nami#nus Constituency HIV-defense coordinator Erica Jason applauded NANASO for distributing the food to HIV/AIDS support groups. Jason indicated that the support groups in the constituency are no more active due to the lack of financial support.
She said she hopes these donations will encourage the support groups to become active by organising meetings and attending counselling.


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