War veterans threaten to boycott NNLVA congress


Helvy Shaanika

Ongwediva-The battle for leadership positions within the Namibia National Liberation Veteran Association (NNLVA) is in full swing ahead of the upcoming congress.
Last week some veterans relayed to New Era that they would boycott the congress if one of the candidates standing for the secretary general position is not removed from the race.

Veterans say they have lost trust in the said candidate, because of his political affiliation. Some also threatened that they will not participate in the election of leaders if NNLVA fails to provide financial reports audited by an independent auditor.

Those disgruntled about the upcoming congress further complained of unfair advantage given to the national executive committee (NEC), as they nominate each other in the absence of a regional executive committee (REC).

Members of the REC are only given an opportunity to nominate after nominations are carried out at NEC level. Members are now demanding that a meeting be held at once and that they too should be given ample time to campaign for candidates of their choice.
Aggrieved members claim that Alex Kamwi, who now is favoured by some members for the position of the SG, is not fit to lead the veterans, as he had once in parallel held positions of NNLVA’s vice-president for administration and the presidency of Caprivi African National Union (CANU).

CANU is a party that once had as its president exiled politician Mishake Muyongo, who is accused of having led a failed secession attempt that left many dead in the then Caprivi Region.

Kamwi reportedly later abandoned the CANU presidency after the NNLVA pressurised him to choose between the veterans’ association and his political party. He, however, remained a member of CANU.

Some NNLVA veterans say they will not be led by a member of Muyongo’s party.
Kamwi confirmed that he is still a member of CANU, a movement he claims is an associate of the ruling Swapo Party.

“CANU is with Swapo since 1964 to date. Thus, whosoever informed you that CANU is a rival party is lying and is a liar and must go back to the history of Swapo,” he said.
“I advise you to be educated in the matters of the politics of Swapo and CANU history. Don’t just hear and vomit useless and filthy unfounded political stories. CANU fought trench to trench and hand in hand with Swapo in the bitter liberation struggle of Namibia.

”NNLVA secretary-general Aino Ntinda has meanwhile conceded that the organisation’s finances are not entirely audited by an independent auditor. The only portion of NNLVA finances audited was the N$1 million the oganisation received from government.

This portion from government is apparently audited by the Office of the Auditor General. The organisation, however, also receives money from its fishing quotas, but no external auditing firm has ever looked at this portion of income.

Ntinda claims that when minorities within the NEC make suggestions their ideas are always shot down by the majority, even if they are right, which makes leading NNLVA difficult at times.


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