Nedbank appoints next generation forum to drive strategy


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As part of Nedbank Namibia’s strategic focus, the creation of ‘Exco Plus’ was established to provide an inclusive and diverse platform for innovation. The Exco Plus team, consisting of Nedbank employees in junior and middle management positions, aims to solicit creativity, engagement and conversation around the Nedbank Namibia strategy, working in a more integrated way with the goal to optimise, create efficiencies and lead.

Nedbank’s executive for strategy and human capital, Silke van der Merwe, says: “Committed people that can think strategically and execute diligently are our priority and we’re driving our employee engagement quite aggressive to meet the bank’s ambitious goals.

“This is driven through our talent management framework and our continued investment in leadership development. With the establishment of a Junior Exco, our concerted efforts will contribute towards positioning Nedbank Namibia as the most popular financial services provider in our country.”

The banking sector is rife for change and disruption and Nedbank wants to create a high performance culture, one that encourages innovation and contribution on various levels and one that values the voice of the next generation that is willing to be daring in its approach in an already challenging environment.

The bank therefore saw it fitting that with their new group of leaders, it can be focused on creating opportunities in cultivating bottom-up improvement and feedback mechanisms, whilst still remaining sufficiently prudent and preserving the interest of its stakeholders.

Christopher Chipeio from the retail division was elected as chairperson of the forum. “We’re steering Nedbank to becoming the employer and bank of choice as part of our overall strategic objectives.

Exco Plus is a manifestation of that and our managing director, Lionel Matthews, is exceptionally excited about the prospects and the potential outcomes of this platform. Our members are committed to matching and exceeding expectations in terms of delivering on the goals we have set forth,” he adds.

The Nedbank Exco Plus members, who will serve a term of one year, have identified specific values to which they will align strategic initiatives such as integrity, accountability, execution, respect, focus and innovation, all of which allow this forum to create the ecosystem for debate, engagement, problem solving and conversation.

“Individually our members will also use opportunities in a learning, peer-to-peer environment to grow. They have been tasked to identify a specific project, set down the ground principles as to how they will conduct themselves through regular meetings to discuss projects that will benefit us in fulfilling our overall strategy. It also affords a platform with consistent engagement with our executive committee members,” Silke adds.

Exco Plus will be required to report on the progress of their projects at quarterly business review meetings. Monitoring components include benefits and impact analysis, as well as process efficiencies that will aid in gaining market share and revenue.


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