Mariental well murderers get lengthy sentences

WINDHOEK, 30 November 2016- Johannes Eixab (L) and Raynoldt Jackie Windstaan have been found guilty of assaulting and killing Klaas Titus and John McNab at Farm Good Hope in the Schlip area between 16 and 18 July 2005. (Photo by: Simon Endjala) NAMPA

Maria Amakali

Windhoek-Double-murder accused Reynolds Windstaan and Johannes Eichab were each sentenced to an effective 46 years behind bars for the murders of two Mariental residents, whose skeletal remains were found dumped in a well in July 2005.

High Court Judge Naomi Shivute sentenced them to 28 years for murder with direct intent on count one and a further 28 years for murder with direct intent on count two. Ten years in respect of count two would be served concurrently with the sentence on count one.

Eichab has, however, vowed to contest his sentence.

“The accused persons committed heinous crimes. They waited for an opportune time to finish off the deceased persons,” said Judge Shivute, further adding that the evidence contradicts the statements of the duo, who insisted that they were innocent.
Shivute noted that Windstaan and Eichab also did not show any remorse over their actions.

The State argued that Windstaan and Eichab had murdered 42-year-old Klaas Titus and 39-year-old John McNab.

Their remains were discovered four years later in a well on a farm in the Schlip area between Rehoboth and Mariental.

It is alleged that Windstaan and Eichab in July 2005 drove the two men to the farm and threw them into the well, which is isolated so as to disappear them without a trace. For four years Windstaan and Eichab thought they had gotten away with murder, but on one fateful night, while under the influence of alcohol, Windstaan confessed to the murders.

The first witness to take the stand explained to the court that Windstaan had confessed that he was responsible for the disappearance of the two men after killing them. He cautioned the witness to keep quiet about the matter.

The second witness testitifed to similar effect that Windstaan had indeed confessed the murders to him.

Windstaan was arrested in August 2009, while Eichab was arrested in August 2010. It was alleged that the two deceased men were aware of theft committed by Eichab and Windstaan who then killed them for fear they would report the theft to the police.


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