Rundu’s temporary rejuvenation smacks of hypocrisy


I have always ignored the type of political leadership being exercised in Namibia. However, this time I would like to narrow my argument down to our situation in mighty Kavango. Many have seen and many others have heard about the state of roads in the townships and the vicinity of Rundu town.

The issue of lack of funds is all that our leaders talk about, but what happens when a political executive is about to visit a place, Rundu in this case. Money avails itself from sources that are yet to be declared by I don’t know who.

The sad part is that all along there hasn’t been a need to maintain the roads, but since President Hage Geingob was coming to town, the need to rectify the shortcoming has surfaced. What’s so difficult to let him come and get Rundu the way it is?

Our leaders should have eyes for their people whenever and wherever, regardless of who is present or absent. The complaints of local voters had no ears to land on but the ear-landing strip has gotten so large, as they only care about satisfying supervisors and not the subordinates, what a pity!

Let’s lead and care for those that have uplifted us. You serve in those offices because the peasants exist. Why do things to appease the powers that be at the expense of your own residents? Work is visible when its feasible, whether tangible or intangible.

I am touched, and if only I had the privilege of being in some council meetings preparing Rundu for Independence Day celebrations I would have definitely been a stumbling block to some of the decisions taken to please the visitors.

Perhaps our leaders need to be reminded that if they can’t make it through hard work and accepting orders from their supervisors, the smart way of doing things will yield their service legacy. Please register with prolific higher education institutions and study all that underpins your fraternity of operations.

President Geingob should have found Rundu the way it has been for the past recent months.

F.F. Kandjilu


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