Namibia marks World Water Day


Staff Reporter

Windhoek-Namibia yesterday observed World Wetlands Day and World Water Day under the theme ‘healthy wetlands and innovative water and wastewater management for enhanced livelihoods.’

Many parts of the world are starting to realise that wastewater is a valuable resource in the circular economy and its management contributes to healthy humans and ecosystems, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry.

Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry spokesperson Margaret Kalo said on Wednesday that for many years, waste water was considered as yuck, which should be disposed of.

“However, the world has been battling with increased water scarcity and environmental pollution emanating from improper waste management. Investments geared towards the improvement of wastewater management means improvement on all targets of the Sustainable Development Goals on water,” she said.

The World Water Day theme aims to undo the perception that wastewater is non-essential water, which should just be disposed of.

The theme also aims to promote the re-use, recycling and reclamation of wastewater, as well as to reduce the demand for freshwater, thus alleviating the pressure on the already stressed water resources.

Kalo said it is also aimed at reducing environment pollution and diseases associated with poor sanitation and lack of wastewater treatment and management.

“World Water Day is celebrated to highlight the invaluable role water plays in social and economic development, as well as in the ecosystem to remind the public of the increasing pressure on freshwater resources and the need for sustainable water resources management,” said Kalo.

Although World Water Day was officially commemorated on Thursday there were activities on Wednesday, such as informational excursions to the wastewater treatment facilities at Gammams Water Treatment plant.


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