Murder victim’s family oppose bail for suspect


Maria Amakali

Windhoek-Almost a week after Victor Elia applied for bail in connection with the murder of Iyaloo Ndapandula Hainghumbi, 25, an International University of Management (IUM) student whom he allegedly murdered on January 17, her relatives and friends strongly objecting to the court granting him bail.

Katutura Magistrate’s Court was full to capacity yesterday with family and friends of the deceased and curious members of the public all hoping for one thing, that the 36-year-old student’s suspected killer should not be granted bail, because of the gravity of the case.

Elia, 36, yesterday took the stand in connection with the killing of IUM student Hainghumbi,with whom he was in a relationship.

He had through private attorney Kadhila Amoomo lodged a formal bail application on March 17, a move that did not go down well with those close to the murdered student.
Prior to the start of court proceedings, sad hymns could be heard from the the family and friends of the deceased student, as they staged a protest in front of the court in the early morning hours.

Speaking to New Era Ester Mwadina, a cousin of the deceased, explained that the family is deeply distressed and saddened by the passing of their beloved Iyaloo. “The torturing of the body was really bad and painful. We want him in jail forever,” said the teary-eyed Mwadina.

The crowd became infuriated after being informed the case would only be heard at 14h00. “Why are they prolonging the case? We will not give up until justice is done,” said Gabriel Hainghumbi, a family member of the deceased.
According to the prosecution, on January 17 Elia killed Hainghumbi by striking her multiple times on the head with an unknown object. After murdering his ex-lover, Elia allegedly dumped her body along the B1 road.

It is said the suspect, a long-distance bus driver to the north, was not happy with the deceased ending their relationship. According to family members, the deceased had made up her mind to end the relationship sp as to concentrate on her studies, but the accused refused to accept that it was the end of the relationship.

The deceased on that fateful day had left the house with friends, but later separated from them in town to meet up with another friend. The accused allegedly convinced the deceased that it was best to meet in person to discuss and renew their relationship.

Elia now faces a charge of murder read with the provisions of the Domestic Violence Act.
The State objected to the accused being granted bail on the grounds that it was not in the public interest and because the offense is of a serious nature.

Magistrate Bernedine Kubersky presided over the matter with the State represented by Public Prosecutor Ellen Shipena. The bail proceeding will continue today.


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