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Watching last week’s Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) nominees’ announcement live at home on TV had me thinking that artists in this country still do not understand how important it is to put in a genuine effort into performances.

I am simply disappointed at the mediocre live performances by House Guru Gangs, Satlam and M-Jay. Tulisan brought innovation to the table when he featured super producer Kallo “On The Beat” on the piano. However the other two acts were simply an embarrassment not only to me as a fellow entertainer but to the institution of the NAMAs.

What was wrong with their performance? EVERYTHING! I have said time and time again on this platform that if entertainers want the corporate world and neutrals to jump on their boat, they will need show genuine effort and innovation. The performances done by House Guru Gangs and Satlam with M-Jay lacked any sense of uniformity. It lacked creativity. It lacked choreography. You had influential corporates sitting in front of you and all you could bring to the table is an Evelyn Street style type of performance.

Judging from those performances, do you think corporates that were present will even entertain a meeting with House Guru Gangs or Satlam and M-Jay? Do you think Coca Cola will sponsor a House Guru Gangs CD launch? Do you think Namibia Wildlife Resort will book Satlam and M-Jay as Brand Influences after that performance? No please, hit me up via Twitter at @naobebsekind and engage me.

When you get an opportunity to present your art on live television, you put your best foot forward. There is nothing uncool about uniformed outfits, choreography and live elements. What House Guru Gangs and Satlam with M-Jay did is just a tip of the iceberg. I said many times on this platform that majority of the entertainers on the ground do not know what value for money means.

They will charge promoters and events managers’ astronomical amounts but would want to offer what House Guru Gangs and Satlam with M-Jay offered recently. Satlam being a veteran in this industry ought to have known better.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Satlam. #NoHomo. His my brother in this industry. We even recorded a song together. It’s on his “Kapatashu” album. M-Jay did wonders for Exit’s sound and Kwaito in general in Namibia. House Guru Gang has a game changing sound that can only help Namibia find its own House sound and not sound like South Africans.

I know them personally. All of them. But me knowing them and loving them as brothers does not mean I have to sit back and not say anything when something is not right.
I know in Namibia when you highlight something that is not right you are branded a “hater”. I am no hater. We all just need people to take us (Entertainers) serious when we go into these crunching boardrooms and presenting mediocre on Live TV does not help!

Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM
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