Geingob should ignore irrelevant noise


I think President Hage Geingob should not afford credibility to news articles by responding to them, save as an absolute last resort. He should rather retain an aura of mystic invincibility around him, because many Africans – including Namibians – have not yet reach the required sophistication found in Western societies to maturely absorb large scale transparency dosages.

That should be gradual. Let the layers of advisors, ministers and officials work around the clock to firefight and take offensive initiatives, without becoming reactionary. Right now, every time the president responds directly, it not only lends credence to such malicious rumour-mongering gossip articles, but also ensures that the newspapers stay in business with their salacious news, as they continuously lurch from one gossip story to another.

However, in reality these many retrogressively spawned articles are but one of the minutiae of military strategies of sending the infantry out to lure the enemy inside an inescapable trap – same as giving corn bits to a bird who never looks up to see the big picture until it’s in the snare.

This is a simple but proven well-orchestrated smokescreen strategy to keep the president very busy under the pretext of media transparency with trivia such as explaining and justifying S&T, foreign missions, salary increments and so forth. Simultaneously, battalions of the real enemies of progress, are behind the scenes busy plotting his political ruin – and their ascent.

Please Cde President, there are many ways of skinning the cat or shutting down the irritating buzzing and bites of small mosquitos (media and social media). Rather, deploy an expert mosquito repellent team to go on the offensive against the mosquitoes with effective mosquito repellent spray and nets and contain them.

This way the president will have ample time to concentrate on fishing out the real political adversaries, their workings, and to establish precisely what they are up to behind the mosquitoes’ buzzing and bites. And to devote quality time to govern, to solve problems such as poverty, economic growth, empowerment, water supply and others.

As we celebrate the 27th Independence anniversary, be assured the entire population of 87 percent is solidly united behind you, except for the 13 percent, and the one or two (0.0001 percent) journalists, who also sometimes skipped paying their municipal accounts, because their bosses pay them peanuts.

So, please continue to be a courageous leader of steel and authority that you obviously are, and strategically bring out the iron fist where needed from time to time until the objectives are fulfilled.

Patriotic Citizen


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