Heat wave hits Lüderitz


Tuulikki Abraham

Lüderitz-Lüderitz experienced extremely hot weather on Independence Day on Tuesday which residents described as unusual for the coastal town.

Residents flocked to the well-known Agate Beach to cool off from the heat as they celebrated the country’s 27th independence celebrations.

“It is unfortunate Rundu is very far from Lüderitz, so I could not go and celebrate with everyone else. But my friend and I decided to go celebrate at the beach where we found many other people.  We are played Ndilimani songs and swam as it was very hot. It was a great day indeed,” said Katalina Shikongo.

Multitudes of people thronged the beach from morning until sunset.
The hot weather at Lüderitz started on Saturday but on Tuesday it became very hot.


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