Exhibition invokes the realities of origin


Sabina Elago

Windhoek-Film maker  Oshosheni Hiveluah “Evoking Origin” exhibition, a multi-media digital installation, currently on at the National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) Upper Gallery, is the first of its kind in Namibia.

“Evoking Origin” showcases work that explores the origin and source of life. The exhibition consists of a motion picture and 360˚ virtual reality (VR). Everything in this exhibition has a beginning, an original source and a set of instructions to help audiences navigate through whatever may come. “This is another way to explore my creativities, because some time we got stuck in doing client work and don’t go deep in our creativities,” says Oshosheni. She has curated, shot and directed all the works on display exploring some of the technological forms now available.

“Evoking Origin” is taken from the root and explores the Afrikan’s understanding and handling of new media and virtual reality. The exhibition questions and explores how it can fit into our authentic cultures and traditions. Oshosheni says she looks back at when she started with those big heavy cameras and now that they are replaced with small light camera. “It is amazing and very creative on how technology is changing very fast,” adds she. She further states that this exhibition is a work in progress and not for herself but for the audience opinions. “I am eager to see the audience reaction to this work,” says Oshosheni.

This exhibition is an honest reflection of her own reality. This authenticity can be “fabricated”, “recreated” and “relived” in the VR experience. Through this exhibition the audiences are led to question whether they are the ones making themselves fit into this new digital age. Is it causing them to disregard their roots, origins, cultures and values? Or can it become an equally authentic part of their reality? The exhibition runs until April

Picture: Evoking Origin


  1. Some of these artists do half baked project and you write like he found oil in desert.
    How come film not there to buy at shops!


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