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Windhoek-In line with the recently commemorated International Women’s Day this month, Standard Bank’s new Head of Tax, Adeline Beukes, talks to women about career growth in the finance industry. Beukes started with the bank in September last year. In this interview, she shares thoughts on her work in the financial sector and her journey in becoming a seasoned tax specialist.

Q: As a leading figure at work, how do you balance work with family life?
A: When you are very goal-oriented you can easily get caught up in sacrificing a lot of time to achieve a goal at work. It is important to keep in mind that your family must also take priority – ballet classes, homework and a good dinner are also important.

Q: The theme for this year’s women’s day was ‘Be Bold for Change.’ How do you relate to it?
A: In the Bible, God tells Joshua to ‘Be brave’. It is an instruction, not a feeling. It is a mind-set thing and if you see something that needs to change it is important to make a decision and take action accordingly.

Q: How do you personally define career success?
A: For me it’s about when your role addresses that yearning within you. It could be anything – learning, delivering or recognition. It creates that joyful satisfaction within you.

Q: How has Standard Bank promoted your career development?
A: I came to Standard Bank straight from a consulting environment. My development in the field of tax has expanded greatly to include areas outside of consulting. I am also becoming a tax banking specialist. In Namibia most professionals are ‘jacks of all trades’. Being able to focus on one industry is a blessing in itself and allows for a more in-depth knowledge, thereby making more informed decisions and providing more relevant advice.

Q: What is your work ethic and how do you achieve this?
A: Integrity is very important to me. I always try to do the right thing even if no one sees or no one will ever find out about it.

Q: How easy is it for women to climb the corporate ladder?
A: I think it is easier for men to commit more of their time to achieve a career-related goal than it is for mothers or wives. I therefore think women may need to work harder to achieve a certain goal but you can achieve anything you set your mind to.


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