Nyambe resigns as DSN president


Otniel Hembapu

Windhoek-Charles Nyambe has resigned as president of Disability Sport Namibia (DSN).
The long-serving sport administrator announced his decision to step down from DSN in a letter, dated March 9, addressed to the leadership of the Sport, Youth and National Services Ministry and to the Namibia Sport Commission (NSC).

Although Nyambe did not provide any reasons for his somewhat hasty resignation, his letter mostly thanked the Ministry of Sport and the NSC for granting him an opportunity to head DSN and also paid tribute to his former colleagues at DSN for giving him unwavering support through the years.

Of late, Nyambe, who was also heading Special Olympics Namibia (SON), has been under a heavy barrage of criticism from certain fractions within the disability sport fraternity, especially from his former colleagues at SON, who accused Nyambe of having influenced Special Olympics International (SOL) to illegally dismantle the board of SON.

Just recently, the entire board of SON was illegally disassembled by Special Olympics International, for alleged lack of accountability, mismanagement and lack of supporting documents to compliment and measure SON’s financial performance.

Since the dismantlement of SON’s board, the organisation’s operations have since been brought under the wings of the Special Olympics International, but the dismissed board members are still fuming and claim Special Olympics Africa Region’s decision was unlawful, as the Ministry of Sport and the NSC were never consulted.

It is yet to be announced who will head DSN in the interim and whether SON board members will be reinstated or not, as Special Olympics International decision to dismantle the SON board is deemed unlawful in some quarters given that all relevant authorities were not consulted.

Until a replacement governing body is elected after the Special Olympics World Winter Games in Austria, the trio of Peter Wilson, Melitha Mathe and Deon Namiseb have been authorised by Special Olympics International to serve as interim founding committee members.


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