‘Jealous’ woman sets ex-boyfriend’s shack on fire


Matheus Hamutenya

Keetmanshoop – A young woman is set to appear in the Keetmanshoop Magistrate’s Court today to answer to charges related to arson after she allegedly set her ex-boyfriend’s rented shack on fire, in an apparent fit of jealousy.
It’s alleged that the 26-year-old suspect committed the arson in the wee hours of Sunday.

Although details are sketchy as to what led the young woman to resort to such action, New Era understands that the boyfriend, Paulus Vaarde, 28, had ended their relationship, which she allegedly would not accept.

The suspect then went to the man’s house while he was around the place and set his bed on fire, which erupted into a big blaze that unfortunately gutted another five shacks, burning everything down.

//Kharas acting crime investigations coordinator, Detective Chief Inspector Coleen Brandt, confirmed the incident, without revealing further details, indicating that the police are still looking into the case, but noted that it seems to have stemmed from jealousy.

“It seems to be a story of jealousy. The woman has been arrested. She remains in custody and will appear in court on Tuesday (today),” she said.
The owner of the house, where the shacks for rent are located, Victoria Shapaka, said that on Sunday she and her husband were woken up by a tenant who had run from his burning shack, but it was too late to salvage anything from the fire as it had already spread.

She indicated that the five tenants, of whom three are students at the Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology, lost all their belongings in the fire.
“One of the tenants realised the shacks were on fire and ran out to inform us but we couldn’t go in as the fire was already in every corner. People didn’t come out with anything except what they had on their bodies,” she said.

Shapaka said it was not the first time the woman caused trouble, indicating that a few weeks ago she came to the same shack and destroyed the man’s clothes and shoes “to pieces”, and threw eggs and other food onto his bed.
“She tore up everything; she opened food tins and threw them on the bed, and she took eggs, maize meal and other food and mixed it up on the bed, and even poured cooking oil on the bed,” she said.

Ex-boyfriend Vaarde told New Era that the pair were in a relationship for a month and have since ended it, but the woman couldn’t come to terms with the split.
“We were in a relationship but not for long, but we are not together for two weeks now, but she doesn’t want to understand and that’s why she ended up burning my shack,” he said.


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