Street vendors scattered all over Grootfontein


Obrein Simasiku

Grootfontein  The harassment of street vendors by some municipalities in other towns it seems will not spill over to Grootfontein, as hawkers here occupy the streets undeterred and without fear of any sanction.

This is so because the Grootfontein Municipality still sits without a proper open market where such vendors can be relocated to and this has left municipality constrained to respond to the situation, despite the vendors knowing it is against municipal bylaws to engage in informal trade in any unauthorised places in town.

According to the chairperson of the management committee of the municipality, Jack Tsanigab, they are in the process of establishing an open market and have already lured an investor to whom they have availed land for that specific purpose.

“Once the market will be constructed there will be no lenience towards street vendors. Currently we are unable to act, because we do not have a place where we can relocate and accommodate them, hence the municipality’s proactive measure to get an investor that can assist in that regard,” Tsanigab said, adding that they are only waiting for the contractor to commence with building, as they have already identified the area where the open market structure will be erected.

Speaking to some street vendors along the Trans-Caprivi highway, they indicated that they would only move once there is a structure where they can be safely accommodated, adding they are not opposed to the development. In addition they said such structure would protect their products, which tend to get spoiled, especially during rainy season, as their temporary structures are often blown away by strong winds.


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