A look at IUM’s new campus


The new International University of Management (IUM) Nkurenkuru campus facility officially opened in December 2016. New Era’s regional reporter for the Kavango regions, John Muyamba, recently met up with Meke Nambili, the public relations officer at the (IUM), who is based at the main campus in Windhoek, to discuss the operations, as well as student intake and courses on offer at the institution’s new campus in the capital of Kavango West Region, Nkurenkuru, where the demand for educational facilities is high.

JM: I would like to know how operations are at the new Nkurenkuru Campus.
MN: IUM appointed Dr Naftal Saka Ngalangi as the campus director for IUM Nkurenkuru Campus, effective from January.
Amongst other qualifications Ngalangi holds a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in the field of General Education, Theory and Practice from Rhodes University, where he also graduated with a Masters of Education in Philosophy Education degree.
Ngalangi has been employed in the education sector in Kavango for 17 years and IUM believes his experience, expertise and skills will ensure operations of its campus will run smoothly.

JM: How many full-time and part-time courses are on offer at the Nkurenkuru Campus?
MN: Nkurenkuru Campus has been offering academic qualifications, ranging from certificates, higher certificates, and higher diploma levels in business administration, business information systems, finance management, and human resources management.

The campus also offers a preparatory course, (bridging path where successful candidates can get entry to the stand-alone programme by enrolling from a certificate level). This year the campus has introduced five new qualifications, namely, diploma in education in pre- and junior primary, bachelor of education in pre- and junior primary honours, bachelor of education in senior primary honours, bachelor of education in secondary honours and postgraduate diploma in education. The new qualifications responded to the call of meeting gaps (shortage of teachers) in the education system in the Kavango East and Kavango West regions, and the nation at large.

JM: How many students are currently registered at the NK campus?
MN: Nkurenkuru Campus is the newest IUM campus and has been growing rapidly since its establishment in 2015. Due to its strategic location in the Kavango West Region, the campus, among others, caters for students from Kavango West Region, Kavango East Region, Zambezi Region, Ohangwena Region, Oshikoto Region and Cuando Cubango Province in southern Angola.

This year, the student population skyrocketed because of newly introduced relevant qualifications and because of the new campus, as previously IUM used to rent a small facility to operate from. Now the campus has an overall capacity of no less than 500 students.

JM: In which faculty is there a lack of lectures, tutors?
MN: There are lecturers for all programmes. There is, however, a slight temporary ratio imbalance with the newly introduced qualifications, a per student and lecturer. This is due to the fact that some of the newly appointed academic staff members are starting in mid-March, as they are still serving out their notices at their current places of employment.

JM: Is the new facility able to cater for this year’s intake or is it too big or small for the current intake population?
MN: The high-tech Nkurenkuru Campus caters for no less than 500 students at a sitting. The building consists of a number of lecture halls, seminar rooms and conference hall, two boardrooms, a number of offices and staff rooms, a library, computer labs, cafeteria, sufficient bathrooms, and facilities for the disabled, amongst others. The campus, therefore, has excess capacity, which is currently not yet utilised, as the campus was only inaugurated at the end of November 2016.

JM: Does IUM have any plans to build a hostel for the campus, seeing that all these students rent private accommodation? What other developments are in the pipeline regarding the campus?
MN: There are, indeed, plans to build a modern hostel facility at the Nkurenkuru Campus in the near future. Land for that purpose has been secured and the drawing plans are at an advanced stage.

Other developments in planning include the creation of sports and recreational facilities, such as soccer, netball, basketball, and volleyball fields and in the long run to put up a modern conference centre to cater for both the university and society at large. Similar plans to expand and create hostel facilities at all IUM campuses are also being developed.


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