Police caution people about treacherous, flooded roads


Staff Reporter

Windhoek-The City Police have cautioned drivers to be vigilant and careful when driving under slippery, rainy conditions.

City Police public relations officer Fabian Amukwelele said the number of videos uploaded on various social media platforms showing vehicles being washed away during the heavy rains is worrisome.

“With continued, heavy rainfall, City Police observed unique sets of driving challenges. Riverbeds and roads are flooded with water, washing vehicles away as drivers miscalculate the depth and strength of water levels,” said Amukwelele.

He advised all road users and vehicle owners to switch on their headlights, wipers and defrosters to increase visibility. “Allow for increased space between your vehicle and the one in front of you,” he added.

“Make a U-turn if the road through a riverbed is flooded. If you engage cruise control mode, hold the steering wheel straight and remove your foot from the gas,” Amukwelele advised.

He further said if heavy rainfall makes it too difficult to drive, motorists should make a wise decision to wait until it is safe to take the road. In a case of emergency motorists are advised to contact the City Police on the landline 061-302302.

In other news armed robbers broke into Nampost offices in Independence Avenue and got away with three cellphones, a laptop and an unknown number of recharge vouchers.
Amukwelele said suspects cut a safe but did not manage to open it. The burglary took place on Wednesday morning when four armed suspects with firearms cut a hole in a fence and broke a padlock on a door to gain entry.

“The suspects tied up a security guard with shoelaces and stole several items,” said Amukwelele.


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