First Omusati Business Expo to be hosted next month


Selma Ikela

Windhoek-The Indigenous People’s Business Forum (IPBF) will host the first ever Omusati Business Expo from March 31 to April 9.

The event will be held annually at the popular Olufuko centre, which is where the annual cultural and customary Olufuko festival is hosted. About 300 exhibitors are expected at the event.

IPBF chief executive officer Chrisch Siririka said as indigenous custodians they have been heavily engaged in discussions with the regional council and the Office of the Governor and other stakeholders towards stimulating the regional economy in the northern regions.

He also pointed out that Omusati Region has been among regions lagging behind in terms of consolidating SMME developmental activities.

Siririka said they have been hosting the Omusati Business Forum with the government, town council and business people for the last six years and the region has been the hub of the engagements because of the greater membership. It is for this reason their members felt it was important to host the expo.

“For the past twenty-seven years no business activities took place there despite the Olufuko festival.”

Siririka announced they chose Iran to be the key profile country this year and they (Iranians) would exhibit their enterprises, food and culture.
He explained that the reason they chose Iran is because the government has a bilateral agreement with Iran and they are “only capitalising on it”.

“Omusati has been engaging Irananian businesses in investing in the region. Many business opportunities have been identified by the governor. And there are cordial relations between the two countries that we are maximizing on,” said Siririka, adding that a presentation would be hosted for Namibian business people who are interested in engaging with Iran business people.

The expo will host a diplomatic talk show, as well as agricultural, SME and corporate talk shows. Siririka said the talk shows would have as panelists high-ranking experts and officials from both the private and public sectors, as well as members of parliament.

“The expo will put emphasis on the agricultural talk show as it will unfortunately not be substantiated by normal animal exhibition due to (un)readiness of farmers and restricted animal movements beyond the red line. More so, the farmers must have our assurance that come next year we shall be exhibiting both registered and commercial animals infinitely,” said Siririka.

The CEO said through their partnership with the Office of the Governor and the Outapi Town Council, 30% of the profit derived from the Omusati Business Expo activities will be directly affected into the governor’s development fund for education, SMME development and social safety nets.


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