Boxing Control Board at it again… embattled body accused of squandering boxers’ purse


Carlos Kambaekwa

Windhoek-It never rains but only pours for the country’s presiding boxing umbrella body, the troubled Namibia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board (NPBWCB).
Local boxing promoter Simon ‘Kinda’ Nangolo has climbed bare knuckled into the powers that be at Metje House, accusing board members of acting in bad faith whilst labelling them a bunch of crooks who have developed a nasty habit of making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The board under the stewardship of Ellison Hijarunguru has come under a barrage of accusations from Nangolo, who accuses the board of playing dirty tricks, ranging from fraudulent practices to the embezzlement of public funds.

An irate Nangolo says his company Kinda Boxing Promotions has paid in full the sanction fees to the Boxing Control Board meant for compensating boxers after the bouts, but the money was apparently diverted into other channels.

“They (the board) misused the sanction fees intended for the boxers’ purse, which was paid to the control board last year, meant for paying the boxers straight after the bouts.”

In his statement availed to the media, Nangolo adds that the Boxing Control Board has on various occasions failed to sanction his scheduled bouts despite him having paid the required N$101,500, which was duly transferred to their bank account.

“The Boxing Control Board was supposed to deduct a certain portion as sanction fee and use the remainder of the money to pay participating boxers immediately after the bouts.”

“Sadly, I can categorically confirm that my boxers have not been paid because the control board has depleted the money that was meant for boxers. The boxers have now fallen victim to the board’s unacceptable indiscretion, an act that amounts to a breach of contract between my boxers and me.”

Generally, the control board requires promoters to transfer all participating boxers’ purse into the board’s bank account, whereupon it takes the sole responsibility of paying the boxers, which is a globally accepted practice.

The ongoing financial dispute between Kinda Boxing Promotions and the Boxing Control Board has been dragging on for a considerable period with accusations and counter-accusations flying back and forth.

The board has on various occasions been reluctant to sanction Nangolo’s fights, with the media reporting that board chairman Hijarunguru went as far as labelling Nangolo a confused fellow whose understanding of the finer points of boxing leaves a lot to be desired, adding that Nangolo is just a pretender who has no sponsor nor money to be taken seriously.

New Era Sport is in possession of a damning text message between Hijarunguru and Africa’s boxing guru Stan Christodolou, WBA Africa chairperson, in which the former belittled and castigated his countryman.

“I’m completely disturbed by such blatant corrupt leaders, and the worst scenario is that nothing is done to them. In fact, they refused to sanction this fight because the N$101,500 sanction fee I’ve already transferred to their account has found its way elsewhere.”

“They argued that they could not sanction the fight because the sanctioning fees were no longer reflecting in their bank account. How can any sane leader siphon your money and still have the audacity to argue that they cannot sanction the bout because the money has already been used for other purposes?” fumed the outspoken boxing promoter.

Attempts to get comment from the board’s spokesperson Ronnie Kurtz drew a blank as his mobile phone went unanswered whilst a subsequent text message with neatly laid out questions sent to his mobile phone also failed to yield any response at the time of going to print.


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