NRU justifies Tafel Lager sponsorship


Staff Reporter

Windhoek-Following days of heated debate over Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL)’s decision to make local beer brand Tafel Lager the new and official sponsor of South African rugby franchise, Griquas Rugby Union, the Namibia Rugby Union (NRU) has come out to clarify the benefits that Namibia stands to get from the deal.

In a statement issued by NRU on Friday, the national rugby union said both the leadership of Griquas Rugby Union and NRU will meet in due course to determine the full needs analysis in order to implement the commitments discussed in the sponsorship agreement between NBL and Griquas.

Some of the benefits that Namibia stands to profit from the Tafel Lager/Griquas sponsorship deal include, but are not limited to the following: joint clinics for coaches, joint clinics for referees, training camps for Craven week and senior players, the loan of players to Namibia for the Currie Cup team while Namibia will also play in other qualifying matches.

The Griquas are also discussing with Sol Plaatjie University to make bursaries available to promising young rugby players to further their studies and also to be available for the Tafel Lager Griquas rugby teams, to explore friendly matches between Griquas and Namibia as well as possible year-end tours to give recognition to players, including assisting with Alumni and supporters’ clubs.

NRU president, Bradley Basson, welcomed this newly formed relationship between the Griquas and NRU.

“Our two unions have many synergies and we have been seeking such a functional relationship with neighbouring unions for some time now. I wish to thank Tafel Lager and NBL for showing such vision of not only sponsoring the Welwitschias, but also becoming further involved with Namibia rugby through the Griquas agreement,” said Basson.


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