When the bad eclipses the good, bro “JJD” tried his best, but…


Infinite riches are constantly circling around us, if only some of us could just open our blinkered eyes and behold the treasure house of infinity within us.

Truth be told, there’s a gold mine within human beings, from which they can extract everything they need to effortlessly fulfil their aspirations and live life joyously, gloriously and abundantly, so to speak.

So, the nauseating Namibia Premier League (NPL) soap opera that has dragged on forever is hopefully now over. Yours truly sincerely hopes that is the case.
A week has almost passed now, and yet there’s not a single word spoken from the tongues of those who freely bragged that, the moment under fire NPL chairman Johnny “JJD” Doeseb vacated office, sponsors were queuing up en masse to come on board as potential financial backers for the serially cash-strapped NPL.

For those who care to recall, the brother “voluntarily” heeded the call by jumping ship before he was pushed, and by doing so, paved the way for his detractors to push their hidden agenda.

Yours truly has never been one to disguise his true intentions or allegiance, and I will rather man up and come out openly by admitting I was one of those who had vigorously advocated the immediate resignation of the chairman and his entire entourage.

Without beating about the bush, my emotions were influenced by the shoddy or rather amateurish fashion in which the NPL hierarchy handled the sponsorship negotiations with the league’s principal sponsor MTC, which ultimately brought the beautiful game of football into disrepute.

What seriously pissed me off was my personal take that the brother was trying to punch way above his weight via his absolute, stubbornly acquired confidence nephewed by his misplaced interpretation of justice, obviously punctuated by his false sense of belief.
Bro “JJD” declared openly time and again that the country’s flagship football league would kick off within the foreseeable future.

All these empty promises failed to materialise and have since won the hastily departed NPL strongman very few admirers within the football loving fraternity – much to the chagrin of the neutral football fan.

Just to confirm the above assessment, the ever-present bro Robbie Savage, a generally well known bird of passage has in the interim switched his allegiance to the oval ball game of rugby, whilst the habitually itchy feet bloke has of late also made it his sole beat to rock up at the popular boxing press briefings unannounced, hopefully temporarily.

Let us knuckle down to the serious business and take a quick glimpse at the terms of reference of the newly appointed NPL Interim Committee.

Down through the years, men of all types somehow instinctively believed that somewhere there resided a strength, power and seemingly unquenchable thirst to influence and lead others for good or evil.

Those who have systematically masterminded JJD’s exit must prove themselves suitable successors and come out of their shell by putting their moolah where their juicy lips can be found.

My learned brothers in blue suits at NFA Football House have been literally thrown into the lions’ den by being given the unenviable task of finding sponsors for the stalled league and making sure league activities start, but please don’t’ ask me how.

The hastily assembled NPL ad hoc Committee must also ensure that elections are held to install a new chairman to succeed Doeseb, and subsequently appoint a new Management Committee (MC) to replace the disbanded one.

With all due respect, and no offense to the current crop of our football administrators, but alas, these are the very same blokes who served on the NPL Board of Governors (BoG).

All of a sudden, they are now conveniently shifting the goalposts; passing the buck to the departed chairman for the current quagmire, which has ultimately led to the total inactivity of the domestic league.

Before you start castigating this poor soul, wait a minute, I’m not saying these blokes should not serve on the ad hoc or sub committees. All I’m requesting is for them to be bold enough and man up to their failure to guide the departed JJD properly.

In all honesty, what led to the current precarious situation in which Namibian football finds itself entangled should never be allowed to happen again.

However, this can only be avoided if those in charge put preventative measures in place rather than the usual reactionary measures, as the current sorry state of affairs attests to.

Let me now sincerely wish the new men in blue suits all the best and hopefully the ball will get rolling.
I rest my case.


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