Rundu mayor wants faster implementation


John Muyamba

Rundu-Rundu town mayor Verna Sinimbo wants to see drastic improvement in the implementation of council resolutions that are usually implemented at a snail pace.
Sinimbo wants projects at the rtown to be implemented on time and within the approved budget. She also demanded for accountability.

Sinimbo was speaking at the first council meeting held at council chambers recently.
“There is no point for us to sit in these meetings time and again if there is no action behind our words. I have emphasised several time this year that we should adopt 2017 as the year of doing more,” Sinimbo said.

Sinimbo stressed during her time as mayor she wants to see to it that council projects are implemented timely, saying failure to do so automatically translates into failing the town’s populace which entrusted council leaders with the duty uplift them.

“Therefore let us please ensure that projects are implemented on time and within the budget and are properly accounted for,” she said.

“We need to be accountable. We need to be able to answer for our actions and see tangible results for our labour,” Sinimbo added.

Sinimbo highlighted the need for supervision and control in the Rundu Town Council, saying staff performance is not up to standard. She also questioned work ethic within council where she said some employees arrive and leave work at unauthorised hours, while others attend to private business during working hours.

“This behaviour can no longer go unchecked, as this is drastically contributing to our inability to deliver as a council.”


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