Bill to free NamPost, MTC from NPTH


Selma Ikela

Windhoek-Cabinet has approved the draft Namibia Post and Telecommunication Holdings (NPTH) Dismantling Bill that would result in NPTH subsidiaries Telecom and NamPost becoming independent state-owned enterprises.

Minister of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) Tjekero Tweya revealed this at a Cabinet briefing held on Wednesday.

Tweya explained that in 2015 he proposed that NPTH should be dismantled and cease to exist as a holding company.

This would mean all NPTH subsidiaries such as NamPost, Telecom and MTC would become fully-fledged, independent state owned enterprises (SOE).

“What that means is – because (NPTH) was established by law and because it has some properties and assets we therefore need to come with a law to dismantle it so that the re-allocation of assets under its jurisdiction will be determined by the law and will be legislated,” Tweya explained.

Tweya said Cabinet approved the referral of the Bill to the Cabinet Committee on Legislation (CCL) for further scrutiny, before tabling it in the National Assembly.

Cabinet endorsed the extension of the services of the NPTH Board of Directors for a period of one year from 25 February 2017 to 25 February 2018 – pending the passing of the draft Bill dismantling NPTH into law.

The NPTH board of directors are Ally Angula, who is the chairperson, Lena Kangandjela as the vice chairperson. The board members are Henning Seelenbinder, Leilanie Hochobeb and Johny Smith.


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