Man killed over noisy radio


Loide Jason

Outapi-A 26-year-old man died instantly when another man stabbed him in the chest with a knife after a quarrel over a noisy radio and its memory card the accused seized to prevent further noise.

Police later identified the deceased as Ngolo Fillemon from Ondugu village where the suspect also resides.

The incident occurred on Sunday night at Ondugu village, Onkatanga settlement, in the Omusati region’s Tsandi constituency at around 21h30.

The suspect reportedly stormed a shebeen where he demanded people switch off their radio because it was allegedly making noise.

“People then responded positively to his request. But when he left for another shebeen, they switched their radio on again.

“Just as they switched it on, he showed up again and demanded the same thing,” police spokesperson for Omusati region Warrant Officer Lineekela Shikongo said.

Shikongo said that when the suspect insisted they turn down the radio the second time people refused and he threatened to destroy the radio, which prompted the fight.

One of the men among the group listening to the radio apparently called the deceased to come and join them, but after he arrived the 22-year-old suspect pulled out a knife and stabbed him fatally.

“The deceased died on the spot and the suspect fled from the scene but was later arrested in the same village,” Shikongo said.

Police expect the suspect to appear in Okahao Magistrates Court on Tuesday.


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