A hustling Valentine’s for couple


Nuusita Ashipala

Ondangua-“It was not love at first sight, it was her corporative nature of doing things and how she communicated with people at the camp that attracted me to her,” says Silas Shihafeleni as he speaks about his new found love.

Maria Endjala on the other hand says she has been eagerly waiting for Shihafeleni to propose, “and when he finally did, I was thrilled because I not only found a lover, but I also found a companion and today we are like inseparable twins,” enthuses she passionately looking at her boyfriend.

Endjala and Shihafeleni shares a tent outside the Danger Ashipala Police Training Centre where they are camping with fellow ‘struggle kids’. The two have only been together for four months but have plans to marry one day, “or at least that is what he keeps telling me”. Shihafeleni says joining the camp was a blessing in a disguise, “who knew that I would eventually find love.”

For the two, every day is Valentine’s. “You don’t need a specific day to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Every day of our lives together should be celebrated. We share equal responsibilities, if she is collecting firewood I join her, if she’s cooking then I also join her and that is how we celebrate our love,” says Shihafeleni. Endjala plans to surprise her boyfriend, but it is not monetary because she does not have money. “If I tell you it will no longer be a surprise. But like he said every day should be celebrated,” says Endjala.

The two are testimony that money is not love and that one does not need money to find love. Despite meeting love, the two remains hopeful of one day getting jobs. As usual Endjala and Shihafeleni will spent their day hustling for jobs to make ends meet.


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