Waiting begins for NAMAs hopeful young talents


WINDHOEK-Candidates who auditioned as presenters for the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) 2017 can expect to hear the outcome of the audition within the next few weeks.

Thereafter the successful ten hopefuls will undergo intensive training and rehearsal towards the NAMAs 2017 build-up. It was talent galore on February 4 when hordes of energetic, vibrant and talented young Namibians swamped the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) television centre to try to convince a panel of television and NAMAs executives about their ability. Hosting the NAMAs is often seen as a leap into the world of stardom and showbiz. The NAMAs prides itself in identifying, nurturing and eventually catapulting young, vibrant and aspiring individuals to new heights within local and international social scenes.

“The reason we do auditions each year is to test the waters and attract new talent – we want to afford every talented Namibian a chance to stardom and to this great experience,” says Glynis Beukes-Kapa, executive producer of the awards show.

The auditions brought together the cream of the crop and chance-takers alike who simply wanted to see whether they have what it takes to grace the country and be a brand ambassador for one of the biggest music shows on the continent.

Besides the glitz, glamour and fame, being a host for the NAMAs goes beyond good looks and a captivating smile. This is a job that requires the skill to focus, a personality that can speak volumes without words, a stage presence and above all, being a Namibian music lover by heart.


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