Magistrate blasts ‘lazy’ police investigator


Maria Amakali

Windhoek-A Katutura magistrate yesterday blasted a police investigator, saying it is individuals like him that have made a mockery of justice and perpetually embarrassing the courts after the policeman claimed he needs a month to complete his investigation into a protracted murder investigation.

“We cannot tolerate such laziness, this is a mockery of the justice system. It is people like you that are killing the justice system and embarrassing the courts,” an irate Magistrate Alina Nandago said after she was informed that three years investigations into the case are still pending.

Magistrate Nandago became irritated and infuriated by the request from the investigative officer to grant more time in order to finalise investigations into the murder case.

Detective Sergeant Sethnandos Aribeb, who is the investigating the matter, informed the court that two key witnesses are yet to be traced even though the murder trial commenced in July 2016.

He said proper procedures needed to be followed and approval to conduct investigations in other regions was needed. The investigative officer kept on defending himself stating that he was told by his superiors that there was no money to travel to the regions to complete investigations.

Nandago was, however, having none of it, putting it to Aribeb that there was no need for him to travel, as all that is needed was a phone call to notify fellow officers in other regions to trace the witnesses.

It is a standard practice that on the first day of trial investigations should be finalised and all witnesses are summoned to court. However, two key witnesses were not present during the first day of the trial and such delicate information was never availed to the court.

“So all you are concerned about is your S&T rather than making use of the resources available?” asked Nandago.

Nandago reminded the investigator that the case of murder is very a serious one and should be dealt with the urgency it deserves. She said the suspect, who is innocent till proven guilty, continued to be behind bars as the case drags on.

After a lecture from the magistrate, the investigative officer informed the court that the police objects to the suspect being granted bail.

Tangeni Shiwala, who has been in custody since 2014 as a suspect for murder, was then granted bail of N$3000 until April 25, with the hope that investigations will be finalised and two key witnesses traced.


  1. Do magistrates know what investigation means. If not they need to understand that every case is investigated upon its own merrits. The magistrate does not have any right to corner any investigating officer as magistrates are people that need to be neutral and listern to the state case aswell as defence and have a judjement on evidence on hand. This is a clear idication that the magistrate has interest in the accused trail and this will have a negative inpact on the trail outcome. Investigation is not how its translated. There cant be alot of investigating officers in one case. An investigating officer must be given amble time to complete investigation as he sees it. The other police officers in other region has alot of work that is outstanding and cant be given other work from outside. Think twice before crusifying an investigating officer and if it is illegal then the magistrate has all the right to put on record the CPA section that is apllicable and take legal action towards the case merrits.


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