Know Your SOEs: Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR)


Chief Executive Officer
Zelna Hengari

Board chairperson:
Ambassador L.N. Iipumbu
Date of inception/establishment: The Company was created through an Act of Parliament, the Namibia Wildlife Resorts Company Act, and has been in existence since 1998.

Line Ministry: Ministry of Environment and Tourism and Ministry of Public Enterprise

Company’s mandate: NWR is mandated to run the tourism facilities within the protected areas of Namibia.

Economic sector of operation: Tourism
Branches nationwide: 3 (Head Office/Central Reservation Office, Swakopmund Office, Cape Town Office) in addition to 21 Resorts throughout the country.

Total number of employees: Over 900 employees

Notable successes:
We won a PMR Africa award for the second consecutive year.
We launched our online payment system via our website.
Our Managing Director, Zelna Hengari, was awarded the prestigious Institute of People Management, Managing Director of the year Award 2016.
Onkoshi, Dolomite and Popa Falls resorts each won an Eco Award.

Future plans: To declare a profit to the Government of Namibia.


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