Crocodile kills girl at Divundu


John Muyamba

Rundu-An eight-year-old girl was killed by a crocodile in Divundu, confirmed the police. The police discovered her partially devoured body on an island in the Kavango River.
The body of the girl who is believed to have a mental illness was discovered on Thursday.

Kavango East Police Deputy Commissioner Willie Bampton said, the incident was only reported on Tuesday.  Clothes belonging to the girl were found on the bank of the river.
“It was only last Thursday at around 18h00 that her body was recovered by members of our water wing unit on a small island in the Kavango River, without the head and one leg. She was possibly caught by a crocodile,” said the Deputy Commissioner.

The deceased has been identified as Trace Lee Wendy Mangonga, a resident of Build Together location in Divundu.

“People should avoid the river especially during this season when the water levels are high as it is more dangerous than ever, one can drown or risk being caught by a hungry croc, parents should be on guard, that children don’t go to the river. Let’s keep safe,” Bampton reiterated.


  1. Its a real shame that kids are dying in their years! Parents shouldn’t be reckless as not to leave their kids to go to any place(s) without their authourisation. Please Namibian parents, lets protect our children because their our future generation.


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