Councillor feels side-lined on project


Matheus Hamutenya

Rosh Pinah-Oranjemund constituency councillor, Lazarus Nangolo has questioned //Karas governor Lucia Basson’s interest in the solar power project at Rosh Pinah.

This comes after the ground-breaking ceremony of the five megawatt solar plant at Rosh Pinah about a week ago, Nangolo says he is left to wonder why the project is of such interest to the governor, asking why he was not consulted on a project that is in his constituency.

Nangolo further said, he feels the governor intentionally withheld information about the project and kept his office in the dark on the project, which he said, further raises questions on the governor’s interests in the project.

“Normally this happens when there is something to hide, if I want to hide something from you, I won’t give you any information, but if you want something to be transparent you will share the information,” he said.

A frustrated Nangolo, stressed the need for sharing information with all relevant stake holders, explaining that failure to share relevant information with people on the ground results in corrupt activities, where only the few and politically connected benefit.

“If we keep each other in the dark you will have a situation where only those people connected to a certain councillor, governor or minister will benefit from these projects,” he noted.

He urged fellow leaders to respect existing government structures, pointing out that, he as councillor is the custodian of projects in his constituency and therefore all projects in his area should go through his office.

Nangolo, who sat among the crowd at the ground-breaking ceremony, said he doesn’t understand why his office was bypassed, indicating that he was surprised to have received an invitation for an event to be hosted in his constituency and that his office represents government at constituency level and deserves respect.

“I’m not the one whose supposed to receive an invitation from the governor, the governor is supposed to receive an invitation from this office where the project is,” he said, adding “ we leaders are not respecting the structures and thus paralysing government operations which I don’t think we are deployed to do.”

Contacted for comment, Shitongeni Kakehongo the director of Aloe Energy Investment, the company working on the project, defended the governor saying she has no business interest or any interest in the project other than that of bringing development to her region.

He refuted Nangolo’s claims he was not consulted throughout the planning stage, leading to the ground breaking ceremony, noting that he had presented the project at his office and the councillor seemed not interested.

He instead accused Nangolo of blocking development in his constituency, by deliberately ignoring the power plant project and saying it is laughable for him to claim he was not approached or given information on the project.

“I think it’s something personal, and I don’t know if it’s with me or the governor, but to say that he was not consulted is rubbish,” said Kakehongo telephonically.

He said, the company worked with the governor’s office as it welcomed the idea and the development and job opportunities it will bring to the region.

Basson couldn’t be reached for comment as her mobile was unreachable


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