OvaHerero not known for fueling conflict – Tjingaete

OKAHANDJA, 23 October 2016 - Chief of the Ovambanderu Traditional Authority, Aletha Nguvauva. (Photo by: Esme Konstantinus) NAMPA

Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

Windhoek-Well-known academic and resident of Otjombinde Constituency in the Omaheke Region Dr Rukee Tjingaete has launched an emotional appeal to OvaMbanderu Queen Aletha Nguvauva to avoid being misled into a tribal conflict that could land her in court again.

His appeal comes in response to media reports saying Nguvauva, widow of the late OvaMbanderu Chief Munjuku II Nguvauva, has requested government to recognise her as a new traditional authority chief, to be established in Otjombinde Constituency under the name “Otjombinde Traditional Council”.

“It is time that the Ovaherero/OvaMbanderu communities are known for positive things, not for the perpetuation of conflicts over conflicts,” said the academic.

Tjingaete said the Otjombinde succession story is well documented in that it started with late Eliphas Tjingaete, followed by late Tumbee Tjombe, before it was eventually passed on to the current leader Boas Tjingaete, who according to Rukee Tjingaete never sought government recognition and gazetting, as he knew that it would create conflict.

“Queen Nguvauva was never groomed in the constituency and has never been part of the constituency’s succession evolution,” Tjingaete said, adding that therefore Queen Nguvauva cannot be simply imposed on a peaceful community as it may end up creating tribal tension “as was the case in the area where she comes from.”

“Otjombinde as a constituency includes Eiseb Block, where I am 100 percent sure that she will not be welcomed by an overwhelming majority of residents in that area,” he said. Tjingaete says the proponents of such “misguided” plans must stop treating Talismanus as if it is the alpha and omega of the constituency.

“Otjombinde, unlike many of the traditional areas of jurisdiction, is a highly politically conscious area, judging from the fact that no single political party has ever imposed its hegemony over the constituents,” he said.

According to Tjingaete, the DTA, SWANU, SWAPO and now Katjanaa Kaurivi, an independent candidate, had all won elections in the constituency – a clear indication of the constituency’s political maturity.

Tjingaete is of the view the Otjomana Traditional Authority deserves to be recognised, because it has peacefully co-existed with the Mbanderu leadership in Epukiro Constituency in their pursuit of a common development agenda.

“They are good examples of peaceful co-existence of two authorities that live side by side in their constituency,” he said.

In response Nguvauva’s spokesperson, Mbakumua Hengari, said Tjingaete is perfectly entitled to his views on this or any other matter of interest to him, “like all of us in this country and I, therefore, do not think it necessarily requires a comment from me, or anyone else for that matter”.


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