Motion of no confidence thrown out at NPL AGM… Not sponsor, only NPL constitution discussed

WINDHOEK, 18 November 2015 - Action between Tigers Football Club midfielder Benyamien Nenkavu (R) and Stanley Neumann of Civics (L) during Round 12 of the 2015/16 Namibia Premier League at the Independence Stadium. (Photo by: Hesron Kapanga) NAMPA

Otniel Hembapu

Windhoek-Contrary to the hype and glee witnessed in the run-up up to Saturday’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Namibia Premier League (NPL), the meeting – which the local football fraternity hoped would pronounce itself on the future of Namibian football – discussed nothing but the NPL’s newly amended constitution.

Heading to the AGM, which was held in the capital on Saturday, the NPL had only one agenda item on the table and that was to review and make minor adjustments to the league’s constitution, before it can be passed on to the Namibia Football Association (NFA) for further scrutiny and possible endorsement.

The NPL is affiliated to the NFA. A random vox pop with local football fans conducted by New Era Sport over the weekend ahead of Saturday’s AGM revealed that many had high hopes that the league leadership would give substantial updates on potential new sponsors and a possible kick-off date, but that was not to be the case, as the issue of sponsorship was not on the AGM agenda.

NPL spokesperson Cassius Moetie yesterday confirmed that the only topic that enjoyed prominence at Saturday’s AGM was the new body’s constitution, to which they sought the input of member clubs, but the issue of sponsorship and a possible kick-off date was not really entertained, as was widely expected.

“We started off with the AGM at 09h00 in the morning and finished at around 17h00 and almost the entire day was spent on the revision of the new constitution, as it was basically the only issue on the meeting’s agenda.

“The constitution was fully discussed and various minor changes were also proposed, which we welcomed, but the constitution in its totality was not adopted, as it still has to go to the NFA for further input before they send it back to us to take it to the adoption phase. The NFA’s input is important, because the two constitutions (NPL and NFA) have to be in harmony,” Moetie said.

He added: “A few questions were also raised about the issue of sponsorship and a possible kick-off date for the league, but we informed our members that it is a bit premature to discuss the issue of sponsorship, as we’re still awaiting feedback from a few potential sponsors, so it won’t be fair to give out details.

“They (the clubs) understood and gave us a bit of time to work out something around the sponsorship issue and revert back, whatever the result – something that we will do in due course. On the kick-off date, we also felt that it won’t make sense to announce a kick-off date without a sponsor in place. Hence, we also resolved to put that on ice.”

While sniffing around the corridors of the NPL over the weekend, New Era Sport picked up through sources that there was also a failed attempt to launch a motion of no confidence against NPL chairman Johnny ‘JJD’ Doeseb by four clubs, but the flame was quickly doused as the motion was apparently soon dismissed on a technicality.

One of the sources privy to the goings on in the AGM said: “Three Windhoek-based clubs and one coastal club collectively tried to launch a motion of no confidence against Doeseb, but their effort was quickly dismissed on the basis of the motion not being on the agenda of the AGM and, therefore, it was not entertained at all.

“And in any case, all the other clubs were also not in support of such a move and the meeting continued unhindered.”


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